About CCCSEE 2020

CCCSEE is the annual gathering of brightest individuals, businesses and ideas in the Coworking & Coliving ecosystem in the region. We started to educate and develop a strong network of key players in creative industries in the SEE in Belgrade last October, support and aid the entrepreneurial model for local economies through a series of connections and business opportunities and spread the idea of a more closely connected Balkan region. This year, our plan was to go to Croatia in the beautiful city of Rovinj. With a history that spans centuries of tradition, local food and wine culture, creative start-up scene and a proven tourism record, Rovinj was an ideal solution as a host. But, we all know the story, 2020 started just fine, everyone was happy and then something went wrong. Terribly wrong. We all were hoping that things would settle down, but after all, the second annual CCCSEE event in October 2020 will take place in an online world. And we will make the most out of it with high hopes that someday we will go to beautiful Rovinj.

Who are we

CCCSEE 2020 team consists of professionals who want to build a strong network of creative industries in SEE region, enthusiasts who are creating awareness and empowering entrepreneurship as a very important model of world economy and crusaders who are promoting SEE region as a diverse cross road hub for cultural, economic, technology and every other exchange of ideas which results in meaningful social impact and prosperity in the future.

  • Ivana Čehić Rabljenović

    Ivana Čehić Rabljenović

  • Tamara Nikolić Đerić

    Tamara Nikolić Đerić

  • Uroš Živković
    Project & Social Media Manager

    Uroš Živković

  • Miroslav Mijatov
    Project Leader

    Miroslav Mijatov

    Smart Office

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